The Launch of GMR 2011

This month, the Global Monitoring Report: The Hidden Crisis: Armed Conflict and Education was launched from UNESCO.

The report highlights the hidden crisis of millions of children missing out on education, alerting the world to the fact that we are not on track to achieve the education for all targets. Although progress has been made in many areas, too many children living in countries affected by armed conflict are still denied access to education.

As a key contributor to the report, Save the Children warns that if the international community does not act now, there could be more children out of school in 2015 than there are today.

We are concerned that despite all the evidence stressing the importance of investing in these countries, the commitment to providing financial resources to support governments, teachers and schools to deliver education to all children is still lacking.

Missing out on school because of war

Robeka is one of many children who have been forced to quit school because of warfare in their homeland.

“It’s hard to do homework in the camp. We live in a tent, and the floor is uneven. I liked my old school. But I can at least go to a school instead of doing nothing.

“I’m happy,”says 13 year old Robeka from Sri Lanka.

She and her family were displaced from their home when the war was going on between the Tamil Tigers and the defence forces from Sri Lankan authorities in the spring of 2009.

In a refugee camp in Jaffna, Save the Children provided a temporary school, where children could make up some of the lost education.

Save the Children’s influence

Save the Children has been delivering quality education programmes in states affected by conflict for decades.

Our combined effort with partners means that since 2005, we’ve enabled 1.7 million children to have access to education in conflict-affected countries and shows that it is possible to get even the hardest-to-reach children into school.

Through our Rewrite the Future campaign, which was honoured with an award by the Qatar-based World Innovation Summit for Excellence (WISE), Save the Children has been instrumental in drawing the attention of the world to the hidden crisis of education in conflict and influencing the focus of the Global Monitoring Report 2011.

Every child has a right to education and we need to ensure that every effort is taken so that those living in the midst of conflict are afforded this right.