WISE Panel at EdTechXEurope

WISE Panel at EdTechXEurope

WISE Panel at EdTechXEurope

WISE is partnering with EdTechXGlobal and organizing sessions and panels at the annual EdTechXEurope Summit, June 15-16, in London, UK.

EdTechXEurope brings together global edtech community and showcases innovations and perspectives from around the world.

Session: 21st Century Workforce: Refining Skills and Talent Development Opportunities

More and more employers are looking for recruits for hybrid jobs. Businesses want people with technical as well as soft skills -- in communication and critical thinking. Formal education systems are challenged to address the needs of the 21 st century workplace.

Technology alone isn’t the silver bullet solution to this skills gap, but learning technologies are helping narrow the gaps between the skills companies seek and what candidates offer. Partnerships between technology companies and education institutions are on the rise, connecting learners with appropriate, timely content, and providing business with access to ample, well-equipped personnel.
  • Learning management systems and massive open online courses have opened doors to lifelong learning and on-the- job training
  • Digital badges can transform how we measure achievement and demonstrate
  • Big data and stronger links between talent and learning platforms enable personalized
Speakers on this panel will share their unique experiences, examine the impact of these and other recent developments, and explore important questions: How can technology support crucial soft skills such as empathy, collaboration, and critical thinking? What is the role of traditional education institutions? How can technology improve access to highly engaged communities of learners and experts for real-time collaboration? How can we assess the skills attained through online courses?

This session is organized in collaboration with LinkedIn.


Nandita Vij Tandan,
Head of Digital Content
and Strategy Manager,


Charles Hardy,
Strategic Consultant,

Mr. Khalid Alkhudair,
Founder and CEO,

Ms Barbara Schack,
Libraries Without Frontiers

Session: Founders Story

Edtech startup founders share their inspiring personal, entrepreneurial journeys in a series of short talks, highlighting their challenges and unique visions in education.

Edtech projects supported by the WISE Accelerator will participate in this session: Aldo de Pape of TeachPitch, Jo Besford of Green Shoots, Diana Al-Dajani of eduTechnoz and Leonora Dowley of Making Ghanaian Girls Great.

The 25-minute session will be moderated, with brief remarks from each of the accelerator project representatives, followed by Q&A.


Adriana Balducci,
Senior Programs Manager,


Ms Diana Al-Dajani,
Founder and Chief Executive Officer,

Mr. Aldo de Pape,

Ms Leonora Dowley,
Country Director,
Varkey Foundation

Ms Jo Besford,
Green Shoots