WISE in the Media - 2015

WISE in the Media - 2015

WISE in the Media - 2015

WISE in the Media - 2015

Members of the media play a unique role in the WISE community. Through their work they have the power to influence the debate – to highlight  the importance of education and to engage those stakeholders whose decisions and actions will impact individuals and communities for years to come.

Daily Mail

Obama spoke for almost 25 minutes at the Qatar National Convention Centre to a packed audience which included political and education leaders from around the world and dignitaries including Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, mother of Qatar's emir (…)”
  The Telegraph

The report surveyed 1,550 members of the WISE education experts representing 149 countries in nine global regions. It was published to mark the start of the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) in Doha.”
  Financial Times

The 2015 WISE Education and Job Market Survey results show that education experts rate their country’s educational system more highly for teaching core academic subjects, rather than a variety of “real-life” skills (…)”
  The Independent

At a ceremony in Doha, Qatar, Dr Yacoobi was named this year’s WISE Prize laureate in front of an audience that included Michelle Obama and a host of education experts from around the world. The award, established by the Qatar Foundation, has come to be regarded as the equivalent to a Nobel Prize in education (…)”

The Times

Professor [Hugh] Lauder was speaking in a discussion on the future of higher education at the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) in Doha, Qatar.”
  The Washington Post

WISE has drawn educators, education officials, analysts and activists to Doha every year since 2009 in an effort to spur thinking about how to improve education and bridge gaps in opportunity around the world. Among the goals of WISE is to draw attention to urgent problems (…)”

“(…) Obama said in a speech at the 2015 World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) in Doha, which brings together around 2,000 global education leader from 120 countries.”
  USA Today

DOHA, Qatar — While most Americans were sleeping, first lady Michelle Obama delivered a major speech on girls' education, urging world leaders not to separate issues of education from wider discussions about girls' and women's rights.”


Mrs. Obama had the opportunity to address the WISE Summit in Qatar”
  The Christian Science Monitor

Today, to all of the men here, I want to be very clear. We need you,” Mrs. Obama told the crowd at Qatar's World Innovation Summit for Education, or WISE, an annual conference on improving education and opportunities for children around the world”
  Le Figaro

“Initiated in 2009 by Sheikha Moza, the WISE Prize, a kind of ‘Nobel for Education’ rewards annually an innovative education initiative.”

“The WISE Survey is published on the occasion of the World Innovation Summit for Education which is opening on November 3 in Doha, Qatar. The Survey is published simultaneously in several foreign publications.”

“The WISE Accelerator Program: A boost to EdTech”
  France Inter

“For 3 days, more than 1500 experts and political leaders will discuss about the UN SDGs, the links between education and the economy and how to spur innovation in education.”
  Asharq Al-Awsat

The First Lady spoke for about 25 minutes at the Qatar National Convention Centre addressing the crowd, which included politicians, education leaders and dignitaries from around the world; a total number of 2,000 members of the WISE community who represent a variety of sectors from over 150 countries.”

As an incubator for knowledge and talent, Qatar Foundation for Education highlighted the importance of Young Innovators Program during WISE which was held in Doha.”


The World Innovation Summit for Education supports efforts to reinforce human capabilities. It provides an international platform to discuss modern teaching methods, and encourage creative thinking – which aligns with the Qatar National Vision 2030 for building the knowledge economy.”
Bloomsberg Businessweek Middle East

With leading business, education and government figures set to gather in Doha for the 7th annual WISE Summit, the issue of developing an education system fit for purpose is high on the agenda.”
  Khaleej Times

WISE Education Summit in Doha to bring together educators from around the world.”

Michelle Obama’s speech was part of a series of articulate and hard-hilting conversations held at the conference, which provides a multi-sectoral platform for creative thinking, debate, and purposeful action toward building the future of education.”


WISE is an international platform designed to stimulate creative thinking, debate and action, which aims to build the future of education.”

From its inception, WISE always believes that education enables individuals and societies to become more powerful.
  China Education Daily

2,200 members from 120 countries attended the 2015 World Innovation Summit of Education. Participants discussed education and economy, employment and entrepreneurship, reform of higher education and other core issues, in quest for creating opportunities for broader economic development via innovative education innovation.”
  El Pais

First Lady of the United States, Sheikha of Qatar and an Afghan teacher, vindicate in Doha girls’s education to build a better world.

El Mundo

(…) measures proposed by the pedagogue (José Antonio Marina) to whom the Spanish Government commissioned the writing of a white paper on education, are exactly the same than those presented last Thursday at the World Summit on Innovation in Education, held in Doha.
La Nacion

The Summit is one of the world's most influential conferences in education when it comes to set the education agenda (…) Sheikha Moza bin Nasser (...) is not only a beautiful fashion icon in international media. She also plays a leading role in education matters in Qatar.
  Folha De Sao Paulo

If we want more girls in school, we need to think about the way we treat women in our society. This was the message of the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, in the opening speech of WISE 2015, one of the most important education summits in the world.