Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I join the WISE ed.hub and gain global visibility?

You can join the WISE ed.hub community of innovators in education in three ways:
1. By contributing to our discussions on a great variety of educational issues, sharing your expertise and experience on a concrete, specific challenge with the community. No need to register: just post your comments;
2. By suggesting a discussion topic to the WISE team based on a concrete challenge with strong relevance to practitioners;
3. By creating your project profile in the WISE ed.hub.

2. What are the criteria for projects featured on the WISE ed.hub?

Projects should have an innovative approach to an education issue in their specific sectors, areas and regions. Projects should also show they are beyond proof of concept, demonstrating their impact to date.
Initiatives from all sectors, areas and regions are encouraged to create a profile and join this community of change-makers!

3. How can I create a great profile?

The following are some elements of a strong profile:
- All sections of the form are completed using simple, clear English, in the third person;
- Responses are precise, provide concrete evidence and a good understanding of the project’s activities;
- The text is fluid and avoids excessive use of acronyms and bullet-points;
- Numbers and data are indexed according to the year(s) concerned;
- The project’s photo showcases elements from the project, such as the users/beneficiaries and activities, and is high resolution (approximately 600 dpi);
- Includes a high resolution profile photo of the project representative;
- Includes information available related to the project’s needs and expertise;
- Includes videos clips.

4. Does the WISE ed.hub offer funding for projects?

WISE is not a funding organization; the WISE ed.hub supports projects through networking opportunities and increasing their visibility.
If you are seeking to fund your project, however, you may wish to explore the following links to information on grants and funding programs for educational projects.