WISE 2017 offers delegates various tools to improve their networking at the summit, and to interact meaningfully with other participants:

Networking and peer learning tools

A new feature at WISE 2017!

The ‘Braindates’ tool helps brilliant people learn from each other, beyond the content on stage. WISE attendees post and browse topics of special interest, and book in-person ‘Braindates’ with one another. Not just networking, Braindates are powerful connectors that bring people together for peer learning on the topics that matter to them most.

Use the messaging system to access the full directory of WISE delegates, and begin networking before the Summit.

A personalized list of attendees is generated for each participant based on their interests and expertise. Participants can interact before the Summit and arrange on-site meetings.

Two networking dinners organized for the delegates to facilitate relaxed conversations over dinner.

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WISE activities available on the platform

On Networking@WISE, participants can also register for specific learning experiences:

Tapping into the wisdom of the school yard, the C2 Lab at WISE 2017 invites delegates to pool resources to find concrete solutions to the real-life challenges of education systems. Teams of participants are invited to unlock their imagination to design the future of school.

These informal sessions provide opportunities for delegates to interact directly with authors of the WISE Research series. Participants engage the authors and other delegates in broader conversations on WISE research-related topics, and brainstorm ideas for future WISE Research priorities.

A gathering of innovators and entrepreneurs will connect and explore various topics and projects with the guidance of a Qatar Foundation expert. A unique opportunity to interact and learn about QF projects.

Learn more of their local and international expertise 

Injaz Qatar is a local program for corporate volunteering which develops workforce readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy to the younger generations.

Silatech, a Qatar-based international social development non-profit organization, works to enhance youth employability, connecting young people to jobs and providing resources to assist them in establishing and sustaining successful enterprises.

Qatar Business Incubation Center (QBIC) is one of the largest specialized, mixed-use business incubators in the MENA region. QBIC provides business support services to Qatari entrepreneurs and companies who have an idea for a new business, or want to grow an existing, scalable company.

Qatar Solar Technologies (QSTec) is a leading global integrated solar company committed to a new charter for business practice that allows people to embody affection for the environment and achieve greater understanding of sustainability and solar energy.

Hamad Bin Khalifa Univerisity develops world-class, integrated academic programs, and national research capabilities that drive collaboration with the world’s best institutions, cultivating leaders for the future, propelling Qatar’s knowledge-based economy and shaping novel solutions for global impact.

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education is the official authority responsible for all educational affairs in the State of Qatar. The Ministry of Education and Higher education carry out its duties and responsibilities in all forms of education, through its various departments including Educational Supervision, Curriculum and Learning Resources, Government Schools, Teachers’ Affairs, Students’ Affairs, and Early Years Education.

Hands-on learning experiences: participants explore new perspectives on WISE-related topics with other experts and practitioners in dedicated working sessions. Delegates will reflect on ‘leapfrogging’ in education, discuss the UNECO Global Monitoring Report and develop innovative learning products for lifelong learning.


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